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“Enlighten us, but make it quick”

I have been getting behind in my blogging this fall. It has been a busy time. One of the extra things I took on that added to my load (although it was supposed to be fun!) was an Ignite talk about palliative care.

Ever heard of Ignite? The tag line is “enlighten us, but make it quick” ( “presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes”. Here in Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada), we have a thriving geek culture. Our local ignite event celebrates the best of our community.

I attended the 9th Ignite Waterloo event and was inspired. So when the next event was being organized, I went to pitch an idea. My idea had to do with palliative care and its philosophy of making death a part of life. They were not impressed with that idea (or I did not pitch it well enough) but the organizers got me talking about my work. When I got to the phrase ‘pediatric palliative care’ they asked me to repeat myself. They had never heard that before. So the kernel of my talk was born. But they suggest a hook, a surprise, an unfolding in the talk. So the title of my talk is ‘Palliative Care across the Ages’. It turned out to be the second talk on death and dying of the evening. If you would like to watch it (and it only lasts 5 minutes!), it can be found on their YouTube channel.

Now that my talk and a few other things are done, I will be blogging more often. And in the end, once it was done, doing the Ignite event was indeed fun.

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