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Life’s Best Invention?

Mr Jobs was an intensely private person, something I fully respect. Some hope that his upcoming biography will reveal more. One can only suspect, based on his approach to everything else in life, that in his dealing with cancer he was equally meticulous, innovative, and unorthodox.This article in NYT, says that he spent his last days at home, surrounded by family. He carefully chose those that wanted to visit him, and everyone else was either ignored or told to stop calling. He met with his biographer, he went to work when possible. He had dinners with his family. With all of his uniqueness, he was not unlike “everyone else”. Read the rest of this entry »
Can We Talk?
Watch and share this five minute video about the need for prophylactic end-of-life conversations. Laura Heldebrand, an ICU nurse tells her mother's story.
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